Tutorial 3 (Week 5) – IWBs

Having read the book or watched the film of The Lost Thing, have students look at an illustration and circle the correct angle(s) portrayed using the IWB marker. In addition, students can record their emotional responses from the image by writing in the circle.

The second activity will require students to create a scene or image guided by an emotion given to them (the opposite of the above activity of visual -> emotion). Students are required to take a photo or photos that will best elicit the given emotive response using a digital camera. Students may depict fellow students, objects in the class, scenery, etc in order to assist them in depicting the emotion.

Following the creation of the image, students are to share it amongst their peers prior to disclosing the emotion they were trying to depict.


One thought on “Tutorial 3 (Week 5) – IWBs

  1. HI Andrew. Be good to link and comment on your IWB activity to the set reading – what key principles does the reading outline and what elements of your activity reflect this? There is scope for a bit more interaction I think using the IWB in your current lesson but a solid start. Your summary of Pericles are helpful – your comment here is helpful –
    “First, the class should go through blogs of other schools, classrooms, and even individuals or celebrities that students like. Then as a group, the class should make comments about the general aesthetic backgrounds, themes, writing style, grammar, and other features of the text.”
    Scoop it site up to date and looking good!

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